Tennessee is not landlocked anymore!

<p>Fortunately, our house has not been flooded, but I work in historic preservation and one of the sites I work with (my major project) was almost completely destroyed in the Iowa floods of 1993. It took us 15 years to restore the damage and bring the site back on line, but we did it, just in time to be hit by the floods of 2008 (the second largest disaster in FEMA history after Katrina). The first time the project was not eligible for FEMA assistance, for a number of reasons. In 2008 it was deemed eligible and we were able to do in 1 year what it had taken us 15 years to do before.</p>

<p>glad you made it home safely MOWC..</p>

<p>Mom of Wild Child, please keep us posted. The flood isn't getting the media attention it otherwise might because of the nutcase bomber and the Gulf oil spill.</p>

<p>The images I have seen are heartbreaking.</p>

<p>As usual, I'm proud of Vanderbilt for their response.
Message</a> from Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos | Vanderbilt University | Nashville, Tennessee</p>

<p>What many don't know is that this has not only hit the Nashville area hard, there is significant loss of property and some loss of lives in Kentucky as well.</p>

<p>MOWC, glad you're back!</p>

<p>Both Ds have performed at the Grand Ole Opry for show choir competitions... we've been there for two different ones, and have stayed at the hotel. I know the river is basically right next to the complex, but the pictures have floored me!</p>

<p>Not that it matters a whole heck of a lot, but is the nearby mall under just as much water?</p>

<p>I believe Opry Mills is also flooded. (the mall). Nobody but me seems concerned, but I'm wondering where the General Jackson riverboat is. It's the dinner show boat that leaves from Opryland Hotel. Did it float off to west Tennessee?</p>

<p>The coverage on the Weather Channel has been good (my husband's favorite TV channel). National media is finally figuring out that Nashville almost washed away.</p>

<p>Not sure if I already posted this, but D's religious history prof (Vandy) lost his house (burned down). One of my son in law's fellow Vandy residents has severe flood damage and his dept at Vandy is paying for he and his wife to stay in a hotel for a week. She is 8 months pregnant.</p>

<p>LP Field is going to be fine. The field is now clear (it was set up to drain) but the lower levels, including the players locker rooms, were flooded and need some repair. This matters to our city (and to me due to some professional connection).</p>

<p>2VU: thanks for the link.........</p>

<p>I know that there are nice people all over, but I am a little biased in thinking there's a higher proportion in the South (and many of them originally came from somewhere else!). Here's another link to a Nashville business that is reaching out to flood victims in a small, but nice way.<a href="https://app.e2ma.net/app/view:CampaignPublic/id:10486.8243214092/rid:986bb3da40b7809761bb71560dad8881%5B/url%5D"&gt;https://app.e2ma.net/app/view:CampaignPublic/id:10486.8243214092/rid:986bb3da40b7809761bb71560dad8881&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I wanted to share my daughter's blog entry on the community's response to the tragic flooding. (no picture)</p>

<p>"As some of you might know, Nashville and the surrounding area has suffered unprecedented flooding. All kinds of areas were affected, from toney white suburbs to poor, predominantly African-American neighborhoods. Since Monday, I have seen horrific picture after horrific picture and heard tragic story after tragic story. As I drove into town today to volunteer, the sight of the skyline rising triumphantly above the Cumberland brought tears to my eyes.</p>

<p>Even though I've only lived here for two years, I am immensely proud to call Nashville my home. To see the response of my friends and neighbors, known and unknown, is incredible. Jake Owen helped serve lunch to flood victims and volunteers. Taylor Swift donated $500,000 to the telethon. But there's also all of the other people who volunteered with me today at the Disaster Information Center, the ones collecting gift cards, diapers, and underwear, the ones who are gathering around their friends and family members who have lost everything. Nearly every other post on my Facebook is about people going to volunteer or notifying people how they can help or otherwise reminding everyone that we are all in this together.</p>

<p>And while those muddy waters were rising, the local media and alternative media outlets kept everyone abreast of the situation. Firemen and the police worked overtime to serve this community. Volunteers with boats help rescue people who were stranded, and our mayor and governor made responsible and wise decisions. The picture above is of volunteers who, alongside inmates, were sandbagging to save our last remaining water treatment plant.</p>

<p>The church where I just finished up my field education internship was destroyed by a tornado in 1998. Outside there's a sign with a quote from the rector at the time, Lisa Hunt, that says, "God was not in the tornado. God was in our response to the tornado." God has been in Nashvillians' response to the flood. Even Anderson Cooper said, "I've never seen a community pull together so quickly to respond to a disaster." Anderson, that's just how we roll. We are Nashville. We are a community of talented, caring, creative people. We are Nashville, and we are all blessed to live here."</p>

<p>Thanks so much for posting this, MOWC. S and girlfriend went to volunteer on Sunday afternoon and said many people have already been helped and it is now a process of removing ruined possessions, drywall, flooring, etc., putting fans on 24/7, and waiting for insurance adjusters.</p>

<p>Beautiful post by your daughter MOWC- and, glad to know that you were spared from the latest devastation.</p>

<p>MOWC, I forwarded your post to my D. It's wonderful. Thank you for posting it.</p>

<p>D started moving her things to her summer sublet today. The basement flooded, and the landlord had work crews in cleaning things up. I will be driving down Memorial weekend & taking things back that she had planned to store in the basement during the summer. I don't mind an excuse to go spend time with my D! :)</p>

<p>Kelsmom- thanks. I know you will be busy, but maybe we can grab coffee or something when you are here.</p>

<p>I'd like that! I'll pm you ...</p>

<p>Since D3 will be attending Belmont University starting this Fall we thought it was important to begin supporting the Nashville community. We made a donation to the Belmont Responds Community Fund. Besides the human toll of the flood it was also sad to read about the loss of many one-of-a-kind musical instruments that had been stored in warehouses along the riverfront.</p>

<p>Had to report in. We went to the Nashville Rising benefit concert last night hosted and organized by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. It was amazing. EVERYTHING was donated. All the artists donated their time, the arena (Bridgestone) was donated..... All proceeds go to flood relief. The collection of artists (mostly country of course, but also ZZ Top) was incredible. The thing sold out in about an hour May 15 when tickets went on sale and I can't believe I got tickets! The Mayor and the Governor spoke to kick the thing off. They had video cameos of people who couldn't be there like Dolly Parton. Sandra Bullock came to support Tim and Faith. Tim McGraw's band played for ALL The musicians (except ZZ Top) and learned all their songs. We thought they were better than some of the artists' own bands.</p>

<p>I am so proud to live in a city where people give back so much and do so much to help each other. I don't know how to describe the feeling of cohesiveness that I have felt since moving here 4 years ago, but especially since this terrible disaster.</p>

<p>Thanks for posting this, MOWC. I read about this concert in USA Today yesterday and am wondering if it will be airing on tv at some point.</p>

<p>Thanks for sharing about your incredibe Nashville evening MOWC. Son is currently in Nashville for the summer, and hopes to find work in Nashville next summer and he has been out on trails on the Cumberland River clearing debris with Vanderbilt students.<br>
I was there for Mother's Day moving him off of the glorious Commons and into more humble dorms for upperclassmen...and we signed up with the Red Cross and went out to volunteer. We found the massive destruction of homes near the Harpeth River and past Bellevue to be really hard to believe with our eyes. The drywall and debris piles in each yard were taller than the houses that were flooded.<br>
Before I came back to VA, spent a little time in Franklin just soaking up the beauty of the countryside and the peacefulness of that little town.</p>

<p>D was also at Nashville Rising concert (did I mention that she LOVES her internship at a music management firm?). She said it was awesome! It's wonderful to see how much the Nashville stars donate in terms of money and time.</p>

<p>I'm SO glad she is loving her internship and that she got to go to the concert.
My daughter re-tweeted a tweet from Amerigo restaurant saying "Only in Nashville will you pull up to a restaurant and see a country music star helping jump someone's car battery."</p>