Tennessee is not landlocked anymore!

<p>Devastating weekend in Tennessee with Nashville and surrounding areas flooding. I am trapped out of town and can't fly back in (flights to Nashville cancelled) until Tuesday evening. It's bad. My house and pets and my daughter/son in law's place are all fine, but I have many friends with damaged homes and cars. It is simply astounding.</p>

<p>In true Music City fashion, there is already a song on YouTube about the flooding. Naomi Judd's buffalo (plural?) are loose! </p>

<p>H and I are inconvenienced but our pain is so small compared to those in our community who have damage to homes- and those who have died.</p>

<p>So sorry to hear about the flooding. I've been following the story on the Weather Channel and online. According to the Vandy website, they've canceled exams tomorrow. Hoping the waters recede soon - and glad that you and yours are well.</p>

<p>Some of the dorms at Vanderbilt have been evacuated, as some of the basements have flooded. Hoping this deluge ends soon for all in the Nashville area. Positive thoughts for you, MOWC, your family and friends.</p>

<p>Which dorms have been evacuated? I have a nephew there.</p>

<p>I'm sorry, I don't know. My niece is there and I was told that her dorm is fine. I know that they are finishing up finals now and some students are leaving for the summer already.</p>

<p>So sorry to hear about the flooding, and (since this is CC) at such a bad time for college students.
And yes, buffalo is both singular and plural. And cool animals, hope the ones that are loose find high ground.</p>

<p>My D is in Towers & things are good there. She checked on her car, which is also dry at this point. Exams are canceled for tomorrow. A young woman we know was out of town for her brother's graduation & we don't know if she made it back before the airports closed - that would make exam time even more stressful for her, I am sure.</p>

<p>The footage is unbelievable. My heart goes out to those who have lost so much. I am thankful my D is okay. I hope you can make it back soon, MOWC.</p>

<p>Wow...I'm south of Vanderbilt and the rain is really coming down hard now.</p>

<p>wow..I had not heard..just flew my Vandy son home yesterday and his planes were all delayed..got home at midnight...we hadn't been keeping up...</p>

<p>Nashville does have some fierce rains and some tornado action...finals cancelled is a big deal...gracious!</p>

<p>So far my son's Mayfield Lodge is dry. I forgot to ask about his car.</p>

<p>The photos on the web are a terrible sight. When that river water recedes, the muck--and the snakes and other river life that stays behind--will make for weeks of misery.</p>

<p>So sorry for all who are affected.</p>

<p>It sounds like the medical center is having some big problems. One of the posters on the Vanderbilt CC site is an employee; she says some of the employees can not get home, others can not get in to work their shifts.</p>

<p>I hadn't realized how bad things were there until yesterday afternoon from posts on CC and fb. Later on NBC Nightly News I noticed that Jim Cantori was reporting from Nashville. He reported from my hometown in early 2009 as we were enduring a weather event that made us a national disaster area and left us with permanent damage to our once beautiful landscapes. We now laugh and say it's never a good thing for him to come to your town. I think things may be worse than what we are seeing as this story is taking a backseat to the very sad story of how the oil spill will impact the livelihood of so many on the Gulf coast.</p>

<p>this is the biggest event in Nashville rain history, and I remember big rains in Nashville the two times we lived there...so many people also stranded. I had plans to drive into Nashville later on this week so will be watching to hear that the interstates are open and safe. I need to come on 140 and 124 West ....so if anyone is traveling that way in the next couple of days, let me know</p>

<p>Well, Faline, there is a Youtube video of a classroom trailer building <em>floating</em> down I24 past a long line of submerged trucks and cars. Then it crumples and sinks. The interstate is more like a river than a road at this point, so I'm thinking it won't be in good shape later this week.</p>

<p>My son tried to 'forge' his way on foot through a flooded parking lot at the VA Hospital last night, past submerged cars. He tripped over a curb and went head-first into the water. It looks like it is dangerous just walking around the campus, much less getting on the road in a vehicle.</p>

<p>I'm thinking of y'all. D's roomie is stuck at her Nashville home. Their driveway is crossed now by a 100' wide 10' deep river. Rhodes has been evacuated several times by tornado sirens over the past several days but D hasn't mentioned any flooding like y'all are having.</p>

<p>And yeah. I saw that video clip of the building headed down the highway. Unbelievable. Many people underestimate the power of moving water. That was a helpful reminder.</p>

<p>midmo, wow. Your poor son! I just didn't realize how dangerous conditions are.</p>

<p>I guess I better put a call into Residential housing and see what they are recommending as so many people planned road trips to empty spring term dorm rooms...son is doing summer sessions and is home for a brief while.
Curmudgeon, I read that the water may rise more so I hope your daughter's roommate's driveway is long and that river not close to their vehicles and foundation. </p>

<p>Golly! this is serious business
Mom of Wild Child, sorry you are stuck with no return flights allowed into the Nashville airport. Makes me think that flying in for us at the last minute would be an issue with other travelers backed up and getting in mid week. If you can get a reading on expressways, let me know later this week. I see that some of the postings on Channel 4 were being challenged by bloggers who lived near some of the roads reported flooded.. so I suppose all such information is quite fluid (no pun!) at the moment.</p>

<p>Last time I drove into Nashville, I was really surprised by the numbers of multiple wrecks backing things up between Knoxville and Nashville..a windy stretch of highway heavily traveled by trucks and cars. People died that day. I was just a lot younger when I used to do this trek from middle TN to Virginia and used to worry about nothing sans cell phone or airbags. Older and more aware of things now.</p>

<p>So sorry to hear of all the damage. We had similar flooding here last year and the Red Cross had to open emergency shelters. </p>

<p>The rain headed this way, but the worst of it sems to be over. Thoughts are with all Nashville friends...</p>

<p>Calling all Nashville friends - how is it going?</p>

<p>I was finally able to get back to Nashville today. The view from the air is astounding. Water everywhere. My neighborhood is fine. I decided I will never live near water-not even a small stream. Downtown Nashville is devastated. LP Field (TN Titans stadium) has about 6 feet of water in it and looks like a giant swimming pool. The Opryland Hotel is ruined and 1500 guests had to be evacuated (it is not downtown, but is a huge percentage of the city's hotel rooms). The Symphony Hall flooded and two Steinway Grands were destroyed. A couple on their way to church Sunday morning was caught in a flash flood and died close to my daughter's house. We are a close-knit city and we will get through this by helping in every way we can.</p>

<p>Roads/highways around the airport seem fine. We noticed no problems today.</p>

<p>MOWC having been through two major floods (1993 and 2008) I can tell you that despite what the main stream media will try and tell you FEMA can be your very best friend. The problem is, it can be a nightmare for someone who has no experience working with government agencies, is stressed out, and may or may not be the sharpest tool in the shed. The FEMA field workers for the most part are great, and they work harder then just about anyone I have ever met, but they are only human and not everything always works the way the needy or the FEMA workers want it to.</p>

<p>If you are thinking you want to help your neighbors, your community, try and find a place where you can help shepherd people through the FEMA processes. Here in Iowa a lot of church groups did this and it really makes a difference in the lives of very needy, desperate people.</p>


<p>Glad to hear you were able to get home, finally, and that your house is in good shape.</p>

<p>The photos I've seen make me so sad. Such a big mess downtown. And the damage to the Opryland complex will hit all of Nashville hard.</p>

<p>I guess the Steinway grands were insured, but it must take a while to get them replaced. Any idea how long the Symphony Hall will be closed?</p>

<p>lololu, I'm sorry to hear you have been through two major floods. I'm with MOWC--as much as I love the idea of being near water, I will never live near anything that can get out of its banks.</p>

<p>Helping people with the FEMA forms is a wonderful idea.</p>