Tennessee Tech -- An under the radar excellent option for value and merit

Although not often discussed on this forum, Tennessee Tech is worth looking at for a lot of families looking for an excellent school/academics (especially in CS, Engineering and Nursing) at a reasonable cost. The tuition is already low, even for out of state, and they’ve just instituted merit based automatic scholarships for high achieving students. It’s well-appreciated in state, but hasn’t yet gotten a lot of buzz out of state. A lovely campus in a charming college town.


Oh wow, OOS tuition really is a good deal. Just ~$4,500 more per year than in-state.


Tn Tech is like Missouri Science and Tech or UAH - they lead their states in average salary because of their tech focus.

Fine school - but one has to learn to love Cookeville - which they can - no different than having to learn to love the bigger city (Knoxville) or any other area.

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