<p>Wow is all I can say...anyone else suprised by his decision? He attended the infamous snowball throwing game (correct me if I'm wrong on which game he attended), saw us lose terribly to Syracuse, yet still turned down USC at the last minute. Any insight?</p>

<p>Our linebacking and OT tackle corp are by no means impressive. He comes here, he will start, he will get significant playing time, and he will have the opportunity to impress scouts.</p>

<p>Of course, there's always other factors. He is a dedicated Mormon, and the religious atmosphere of Notre Dame might have appealed to them. Recruits are not just athletes, they're also high school seniors looking for a school (not just a team) that fits for them.</p>

<p>Manti Manti Manti</p>

<p>I was also surprised when he picked ND. Good luck to him! And hopefully the tide can change for the Irish.</p>

<p>Have to agree with Kevdude--he will get playing time. How much playing time would he get at USC? I also think the other factors are important also. Interestingly, I just watched an interview with Charles Barkley of basketball fame. He said the no 1 reason he went to Auburn was because he knew that he would get playing time. I guess it worked as he moved on to the pros w/o finishing college!</p>

<p>He would have most likely sat for a bit at USC...they are loaded at every position.</p>

<p>I don't know that he would have sat, he is a very special talent. I was very pleased when I saw that he signed with ND today, I honestly didn't expect it after the Syracuse game!</p>

<p>he and cierre wood are gonna help us in the future</p>

<p>I was at that "infamous snowball game" with my sister. we all wore leis to "make Te'o feel welcome." The snowballs weren't being thrown at the players at all, though it was funny to hear about it on the news and such. My sister and I left with 2 minutes left, assuming ND would take the win, only to hear that they lost!! to syracuse!! All I can say, is that i'm thrilled he's coming to ND!!!!</p>

<p>He most definitely would not have sat at USC this year... they just lost Maualuga and Manti Te'o is the exact replacement for him in their LB crew.</p>

<p>I doubt he would started at USC as a frosh, at least to start the season. USC has Michael Morgan (**** ), Chris Galippo (#1 MLB couple years ago), and Malcolm Smith (****). Yes, Manti has the potential to be better than all of these players, but keep in mind the transition to college football and these players have 1-2 years of experience under their belt, though not much game experience. But I think he could have gotten significant PT by the end of the year.</p>

<p>Keep in mind this is USC we are talking about. In the past seven years, they've gone something like 82-5, and are 3 deep at every position. But next year they may slip a little...or not.</p>

<p>He should have went to Stanford. How can you pass up a world class education like that? Every kid on this site would kill to go to Stanford and he passed it up. He still would have made the pros.</p>

<p>What, that classy school with the most banned band in the land? Stanford is a good school, no doubt, but ND is very similar minus the lack of class for the band.</p>

<p>BTW, before you diss other universities for no apparent reason you may want to change your school's seal... it doesn't support your point.</p>

<p>Wow, I know you Domers are delusional about football, but academics too? How exactly are Stanford and Notre Dame "very similar"? "That classy school" to which you refer is much more prestigious, diverse and selective than ND could ever pray to be. </p>

<p>With an anticipated acceptance rate of 7.5% this year, Stanford is three times harder to get into than ND. That is why plenty of Stanford applicants use ND as a safety school; most, however, don't have sufficient interest in ND to bother. While you're at it, ask your Domer students and alums from California where they applied to school. Chances are they're Stanford rejects and/or legacies. </p>

<p>Trust me, no one but Domers regard Stanford and ND as peer institutions. Wishful thinking, I guess. Just so you know, Notre Dame's "peers" are Emory and Vanderbilt. Going forward, try to refrain from academic trash talk until (or if) you make the top 15, okay?</p>

<p>Now that was classy. Another despicable little snob.</p>

<p>I learned from your arrogant and self-righteous alumni base. You are ND!</p>

<p>The extent to which one allows trivialities to evoke such response is telling of one's virtues. Has nobody nothing better to do than to "trash talk" ?</p>

<p>OH..SNAP! ND rules! Stanford marching band</p>

<p>you talk as if stanford is the best school in the world, and ND is crap... on the ND forums. wow. </p>

<p>I live in california in a very wealthy area. many more successful ND alumni than Stanford alumni.</p>

<p>What you said was a bit snobbish in its own right; ND wasnt my first choice, but i didnt even bother to apply to Stanford, and would pick ND over Stanford in a heartbeat. College is all about fit.</p>

<p>i would not go to stanford if you paid my tuition and gave me a 5 figure stipend. its a california on a smaller scale...full of fruits and nuts and obsessed with their diversity</p>

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Since this thread has deteriorated into name-calling and school bashing, it is being closed.</p>