Tercero Housing

<p>Hello, can any UC Davis students give me some information on all the housing options at Tercero? I realize that there are many new dormitories coming out this year, and if you have information on those too, that would be great. Thank you! </p>

<p>I am a UC Davis Mom. Here is the link for Tercero housing: <a href=“http://www.housing.ucdavis.edu/housing/tercero/”>http://www.housing.ucdavis.edu/housing/tercero/</a>
The majority of the triples are found in Tecero along with many of the Living Learning Communitiies. The new dorms are the 3rd phase of the Tercero dorms available for Freshman this Fall. Halls are Co-ed but separate Male/Female bathrooms. If you will be attending Orientation this summer, you will spend a night in the Tercero dorms.</p>