Terms that admissioner doesn't understand

<p>I was thinking about what to write in my essay about some life experience.</p>

<p>In my essay, I thought about using words like Google Page Rank, Google Adsense, Keywords, Valid xHTML, CSS, HTTP, and many web-related terms.</p>

<p>Will the reader be bored because he/she doesn't understand those terms and throw my paper away? I will be descriptive as possible, but the word limit is 300.</p>

<p>You need to avoid using jargon that only people knowledgeable about specific fields would understand. Also, the essay is supposed to give the admissions officers insight into your personality. They shouldn't have to be specialists in your field of interest to understand your essay. Right now, what you're planning on doing sounds like something that would be a turnoff to admissions officers.</p>

I agree to some point. I think that if your essay is about something really special to you, you should write about it. Just make it more about you and less about the terms. If the terms are completely necessary, use citations to explain them.</p>

<p>Ok, thanks for you responses, guys.
I will try to generelize the essay and write it more about myself.</p>