<p>I wanted to write my main CommonApp essay about how I used to be one of the many people who subconsciously labeled the Middle East as a 'terrorist breeding ground' after 9/11, but living there for 4 years opened my eyes to the richness of the culture, and how we should resist stereotyping and have open minds.</p>

<p>Should I let this go in case I offend the essay readers? I know there is a lot of anti-terrorism sentiment and my essay could be skewed as representing pro-terrorism.</p>

<p>You definitely wouldn't come across as a terrorist sympathizer if you told admissions officers that you respected the culture of the Middle East. Radical Muslims represent a very small portion of the population of Central Asia/North Africa. While an essay like this may offend a gun-toting teabagger, it would never offend an intelligent admissions officer.</p>