Terry Foundation Scholarship-Texas A&M

I haven’t found a recent discussion for the Terry Foundation Scholarship, so I thought it would be great to start one. My son is waiting to hear back to see if he has been chosen for the interview portion. It sounds like a wonderful program after reading up on it and learning as much as we can. What a great opportunity! We were told that in February we would hear more. Anyone else out there waiting to hear back on this scholarship or perhaps received one in the last few years?

My son applied too. He has not heard anything, but a classmate going to Tech has already been notified of an interview. Has anyone heard anything from Terry for TAMU?

@BmtMom We still haven’t heard anything since he submitted his recommendation letters and transcript. Thanks for replying to my original message! I was beginning to wonder if I had posted it correctly. I’ll let you know if we hear anything!

@BmtMom My son heard on Friday afternoon that he has been invited for an interview in Houston in late March/early April. It just says that the Terry Foundation will contact him directly to schedule. Exciting!

Hello, I applied to Texas A&M for the fall semester of 2021. I also applied for the Terry scholarship and I did not see a thread for 2021 Terry Scholarship applicants. May you please inform me how your son was notified ? Did you guys call Texas A&M or were you guys just emailed? Texas A&M is my dream school but it is extremely expensive and sadly, I will not be able to go without help.