Test Date Issues

<p>Ok, the issue is fairly simple</p>

<p>I've taken the SAT two times already with a 1930 and 1950.</p>

<p>I have the option to take the last third one in three days. I am absolutely not prepared, and I know it.</p>

<p>If I take this SAT and get it over with, I will have much more freedom with test dates.
But If I don't take this SAT now, this is what my schedule will have to be:</p>

<p>ACT in September
SAT II Bio/Chem and Math2 in October (Btw, which science would be the better option?)
SAT I in November
[Or I can take sat I in October and vice versa, but that would be kind of hard because ACT and SAT II Subject Sciences would go nicely together in terms of studying material...]</p>

<p>Receive Score reports and send by before or at mid December</p>

<p>The downside is that, I will not be able to do Early Action...</p>

<p>So the question is, should I get it over with, or leave it till NOV/OCT and practice till then?</p>

<p>If I'm getting any of these wrong, please re-explain to me what they are... I am still learning the world of college entrance...</p>

<p>And a side-question:</p>

<p>I've heard that it is best to get a combined score of 1400 Reading and Math... I have a 1300 combined.
I think I have almost no chance of going to the university I want.... which is Brown... Input please T_T</p>

<p>Another Side question:</p>

<p>How common is it to see students raise their scores by a good 100~300 points?</p>

<p>I so need to quit skim reading people's posts.
I misread the first two lines and thought you said you took the SATs in 1930 and 1950.</p>

<p>Anyway, if you're fine with your scores--then take the test in three days. College's take the highest score anyway. If you really want to improve your scores, then wait. It depends on where your prerogatives lay.</p>

<p>Lol;;; </p>

<p>Im really not fine with the scores I've gotten
I'd like to say im very uncomfortable with them ;_;
I really want at least a 2150</p>

<p>Will someone suggest to me which SAT i should take first? Subject or just SAT 1?</p>

<p>You might as well take it this weekend.</p>

<p>Just asking, does that mean a 1950 is an acceptable score for a top-tier school such as brown?</p>

<p>hhaha im retaking it this weekend too..im so nervous...i barely did any prepping at all.</p>

<p>i scored only 1820 my first time i'm such a ****ing failure...i hope i can break at least 2000+</p>

Just asking, does that mean a 1950 is an acceptable score for a top-tier school such as brown?


<p>I think it is if you're a URM :/</p>

<p>1950 is not acceptable for Brown.</p>

<p>If it makes you feel better... my score went up 300 points from the one diagnostic test I took. :P</p>

for that 20 point jump, I did not study even one bit...
I think I'll just take it in october then... I really need a 200 pt boost...</p>

<p>lol thanks for the effort... that made me feel worse :P</p>

<p>@NewAccount Thanks for being at least frank with me, everyone dodged whether I could make it or not. I should raise my standards</p>

<p>Just being realistic with you, my friend. Here are some more facts for you: The middle 50% ranges from 1980-2310. This means that 25% of enrolled students (we may assume these are minorities and recruited athletes) have below a 1980 and 25% have above a 2310 (insane statistic).</p>

<p>You definitely want to be in the 2200+ area to have great chances.</p>

<p>Thank you, I really appreciate it :DD</p>

<p>Anytime! I'm also a prospective Brown applicant for 2015. :)</p>