Test Dates

<p>If I'm applying ED to a school, will I not be able to send october test results in time?</p>

<p>The October results come back in late October so you'll be able to use them for most ED applications which have November 1st deadlines.</p>

<p>What do you mean by most</p>

<p>Some won't accept them; you have to check the policy for the individual schools you're applying to.</p>

<p>Ah, alright. Based on last year's dates,s results should be back for this year's tests around October 27-29. Is sending scores an instantaneous online thing?</p>

<p>bump 1</p>

<p>Sending scores can be an instantaneous thing, if the college in question has electronic score report delivery. Not all choose to, though, and for the ones that don't it goes through the mail.</p>

<p>Ah so mail would take a few weeks?</p>