Test optional and merit

Has anyone heard about merit yet for The University of Alabama. Daughter was accepted but went in test optional.

Good question. My son did the same. We are OOS. I believe it isn’t automatic and you need to apply thru the scholarship application

We attended a University Days program for Nursing a few weeks back. At the event said without test scores you would not get the automatic OOS merit money. Otherwise you have to fill out the separate scholarship application. Also for honors college if you don’t submit test scores you need to have a 3.75 instead of 3.5 to apply and you have to supply 2 letters of recommendations. Also if you happen to be able to get a test score between now and February 15 you can submit it in order to qualify for the automatic OOS Scholarship. Good luck

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So my daughter received an email inviting her to apply for the Blount Scholars Program. Does that qualify for any $

Yes. My son was awarded 29k a year. 28k Presidential scholarship and 1k alumni scholar award. Final awards come out later. He was admitted in October and received notification of his scholarship shortly there after. He was not test optional and is out of state so he met the criteria for the presidential scholarship.

I have a friend in NY area this year during COVID whose daughter has been accepted. However she only has around an 85 to 86 average and did not send in an SAT or ACT score.

I see they have scholarship ranges for those not submitting tests this year from 15K to 8K to 6K. With that average do you think my friend’s daughter might quality for even lowest 6K?