Test optional for Hofstra?

ACT 23. SAT 1110. Gpa 86.5.
Strong extracurriculars.
They state SAT midrange is 1130-1300 and ACT 24-30.
Submit or no?

I would not submit ACT. You could go either way with SAT. Do you know if you need to submit standardized test scores in order to be considered for merit aid? That would be my decision maker for sending the SAT score. @typicalmom

I would not submit. The general rule I have heard from admissions officers is that is a student is below the average in terms of standardized testing is then it is best to apply test optional. Both of your son’s scores are below the 25th percentile so I would go test optional.

Submitted ACTs. Accepted EA with $30K scholarship.

Submitted ACT as well (got a 27). Received 27k Provost scholarship.