Test Scores or EC's?

Should I spend most of my time this summer studying to improve my mediocre 2110 SAT 1 score…and Math SAT 2
Do something I am passionate about, most likely volunteering at homeless shelters or working as camp counselor for low income kids. I have like 80 hours of community service, enough to graduate, but is it enough for college admissions.

I know the latter sounds better, but the SAT scores are pretty low and I know I can improve a lot if I study. I don’t have much time this summer to do both.

A score of 2110 can be high or “low” depending on where you plan to apply.

I guess I could rephrase the question…does a 2110 and 700 MAthII hurt my chances to applying to prestigious universities more than having only 80 hours of community service

Yes, these scores can and most likely will affect somewhat (even if only slightly) your chances of admission. So study more!

It depends on the context. Just speaking numbers, test scores will definitely be more convincing than simply hours done for the community.

If you plan on doing something worthwhile in community service-something tangible enough to be a compelling asset to your essay, you may wish to weigh your strengths in your application. Chances are, that your SAT scores are a better investment.

Do what makes you happy :slight_smile:

Don’t spend your summer grinding on the SATs! Do something you are passionate about. Grab some of the usual prep materials (CB books and such) , and just put in 30 minutes a day on the SAT study - you will be fine. All the admissions folks I know would much rather see students spending the summer on something other that SAT study - and the college counselors at my child’s school (it’s a very good private school) agree.

wow thank you guys for all the advice,
I guess I will minimize my SAT study time, but still study
AND focus on trying to do something interesting and memorable that will be worth writing in an essay instead of just getting hours…thank you very much

Yeah, it’s much more important to go out and experience life rather than spend every waking moment worrying about a test.

2110 isn’t a “mediocre” SAT score. It is in the range of virtually all colleges. It may not be the highest, but it is by no means bad. If you want to improve it, do some practice questions and look over vocab words and try not to stress yourself out too much. It’s only a test.