Test scores question for Wesleyan

I am submitting my wesleyan application, but I realized that my test scores in the Testing section is completely empty (only on Wesleyan’s, other schools are fine). Does anybody have any idea about this?
Thank you!!!

Do you mean when you are reviewing the app in a pdf?

If so, Wesleyan may be suppressing test scores for some reason…but if you checked the box that you are applying with test scores, and your test scores are loaded, Wesleyan AOs will be able to see your scores.

Yes, I am previewing my app.
It says There are no test scores to report for some reasons. I have checked the box for considering my test scores.

My son’s was the same, but his checklist in the portal says that test scores have been received.

As long as your test scores are in there, and you checked review my app with test scores, the Wesleyan AOs will be able to see your test scores.

After you apply, make sure your portal says test scores received, as MIP750 said.

Good luck.

@MIP750 @Mwfan1921 Thank you so much!