Test Scores

For those that plan on applying, or have in the past applied, what are your sat/act scores? What are the average scores for those admitted? The few online sources I’ve found vary a fair amount.

Most of the score averages I’ve found on the Internet range from 1300-1500 for the SAT.

I read somewhere that DS only sends brochures to people who score in the top one percent of the SAT, 1500+. I’m sure people have been accepted with less, but 1500+ could be what DS is looking for.

Take into account that many of the students who are admitted turn down offers from ivy league schools. What type of SAT/ACT score would that require?

Scores qualify you, but I think the essays are much more important.

I applied this last Fall; was rejected. I didn’t take the ACT. My SAT was 99th nationally representative %ile and 98th user %ile, but my essay was pathetic (4/3/5). I never studied for the SAT essay and none of my classes covered it. I took mostly community college classes (Running Start) in my junior year and this year, my senior year (3.99 UW GPA). I want to do better so I can reapply because Deep Springs remains far and wide the college I think would be best for me. Scores are one thing I know I can improve on so I plan on retaking the SAT this August. Hopefully I will score at least a 1500 this time around and do much better on the essay. My application essays weren’t very good either, I have to say, and I agree with @CoffeeCreek that the essays are more important than scores at Deep Springs. But there’s some info for you. I know it’s hard to find enough info to satisfy since it’s such a little-known college, so hopefully this helps a bit.

Hey @Bladesinger, thanks for contributing. You’re right: there never seems to be enough information about the college, especially the application bit.

I recall coming across a site that stated “the mean SAT score has been consistently above 1300”, suggesting, in my mind, that 1300 is somewhat the lower threshold for applicant consideration, and then after that threshold is reached the test scores matter very little, if at all.

The Economist says: “Applicants submit about seven essays and usually place among the top 2% in SATs, the national test used for university admission.”

The top two percent is 1450+. I don’t think a high SAT score can get you in, but I think a low score can keep you out. Not that 1300 - 1400 is low.

I wouldn’t worry about it. As long as you’re reasonably intelligent, your application depends more on your character. It’s not as if DS is at the forefront of research in any field. That’s not its purpose; its purpose is to create moral agents.

Source: https://www.economist.com/christmas-specials/2017/12/19/an-alternative-college-education

I think this is right, yeah.