Testing Concerns

<p>Hey (bear with the embedded questions please),</p>

<p>This coming school year I'm going to be a senior student in High School. I've taken the SAT I (Score: 2210- is that good enough? Retake?) and the Biology SAT II (Score: 700- I won't have the time to study/retest, is it decent though?). A few testing questions:</p>

<li>I haven't yet taken my ACT, do I need to/should I?</li>
<li>I want to, and probably should, take one or two more SAT IIs, anyone know of relatively easy/ones that require little studying?</li>
<li>Are AP tests decent indicators of subject area mastery, or should I take SAT IIs for every subject area mastery I want to indicate?</li>

<p>I scored 5s on the Biology, World History, and Human Geography exams, and I took the US History, Chemistry, and English Language and Composition this year (in case that helps for SAT II correlation).</p>


<p>AP tests are used mainly for placement after you get in and will not be considered as much as SAT1/2's. What's your SAT1 breakdown? It seems to be near the mean for applicants [on CC we use the general figure 2250]. Your Bio Sat2 is also good but not great. </p>

<p>Don't worry about the ACT. A lot of Ivy League schools require 2/3 subject tests though [I'm assuming that's what you're aiming for]. I suggest you take the World/USH subject test, and take Math Level 2.</p>