Testing out of POLS 207? Boys State alum.

<p>Howdy, I'm Matt, and I'm going to be a Freshman MechE major this year.</p>

<p>I was looking at the MARS website to try to find out how to take AP credits, and I discovered that they offer credit by exam for certain introductory classes, including POLS 207, or American State and Local Government with an emphasis on Texas and it's Constitution. I was curious as to how difficult these tests are and if I'd stand a good chance of passing the POLS 207 one.</p>

<p>I am a fast learner, capable of self-teaching, but the main reason I thought I might be able to test out of POLS 207 is Texas Boys State. I was a participant 2 years ago, a counselor last Summer, and for anyone not familiar with the program.. Basically its a "learn by doing" state govt camp put on by the American Legion. So I gained a good deal of knowledge about Texas State govt as well as Local govts.</p>

<p>Any info on the difficulty of the tests or applicability of Boys State knowledge would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

<p>How did you study for it?
And did you test out of it?</p>