Tests & GPA vs Audition

<p>Hi everyone,
Wondering how admission to MT program is based? I know some schools require admission to their school first based on GPA, test scores etc, and then there’s an audition into the MT or other theatre programs; other schools seem to base the decision more on the audition than anything else. Where does Westminster MT fit?
Thanks so much!

<p>When my D auditioned in 2007, the admittance was based on the audition; however, her GPA and SAT score were factored in to her scholarship award which has been very helpful! Also, a note for any other WCC/Rider students: as a freshman my D was able to apply for the Rider Scholarship which has kept her costs the same as the year she began. Good Luck, Kate!</p>

<p>Thanks Evasmom, That helps a lot.</p>