Texas A&M Early Action Engineering

My OOS son is NMF and has been an engineer since birth. The NMF package at TAMU is good, so he will apply. We’ve been through two online sessions with TAMU. Now I am seeing that the offer EA for engineering, but I’m not really seeing any more information than that. My son would like the stress of all this to be settled sooner rather than later, so EA has appeal. Since it’s EA, not ED, I assume it’s unrestricted. Does anyone have experience with EA Engineering at TAMU?

My son had early acceptance (I think it was the beginning of November), but he was still free to apply to other colleges. He didn’t have to decide until May 1 like all the other schools. But he decided in January and thank goodness, because some weren’t able to get dorms. Just make sure he is very confident in his math/chemistry/physics skills because they are upping the GPA for ETAM to 3.75 for class of 2025. I think mostly for computer engineering and aerospace.

@KWSoCal , did your student mark that they were NMSF on their application? I think he should hear this month as they seem to have a magic ball for who is applying with NMSF status and send acceptances pretty quickly. I have a NMF Brown scholar at TAMU. Be on the look out for an invitation to interview; it is a fabulous scholarship offered exclusively to National Merits.

For my 2 kids, one is NMF (a Brown scholar as well) and the other is commended … they were accepted at the same time for A&M admission, the general engineering admission, and then into engineering honors.


There are no restrictions with A&M early action. It’s actually been kind of a joke, since it’s inception for TAMU class 2021.

Prior to it’s inception and engineering review, auto and academic admits were directly admitted to the engineering major as they were admitted to the university. The major would fill up by November, with 10% of seats reserved for Review admits. This practice ended with TAMU class 2020 (my ENGR’s class)

The EA deadline seems to be an encouragement for applicants to get everything submitted, since everyone undergoes review for the major. The incentive of learning An admission decision early is hoped to keep a majority from applying last minute. They must place all auto admits in a major before that can begin placing review (to the university) applicants.

In every past cycle, review applicants still received decisions in January-March, despite applying by the EA deadline. Auto and academic admits who applied by EA deadline, also got deferred to January.

Being NMF, A&M will not wait on his decision to the university and he will likely receive that in the first release of decisions. Also, it won’t be a surprise if he gets his engineering decision with the first release of decisions, typically the first week of Oct.