Texas A&M Engineering chances for engineering

What are my chances of getting into Texas A&M electrical or computer engineering as a transfer with a 3.55 GPA currently just missing physics 2 to finish all the requirements , have many leadership roles through school and outside, is in University Honors. Would really appreciate the help @AggieMomhelp

Forgot to mention I currently will take physics 2, hope this gives me higher my chances !

Howdy! If physics 2 is a required course to apply, then you’ll most likely be deferred for grades. If it’s just a recommended course then that’s better.

Your GPA is average for engineers. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but even Tamu students and academy students need a 3.75 to guarantee their choice of major.

It’s really going to come down to how many seats are available after internal and academy students select their majors.

I know that’s not much help. It’s just hard to transfer into Tamu in engineering unless part of academy school.

What do you think is the best way to get into Texas A&M, or what’s the best way to apply to make it in , what are the chances you think I’ll make it ?

I think Engineering will be a stretch for you. If you are set on tamu but maybe not engineering, try another major and then minor in engineering. Both EE and Computer Science offer it as a minor. Pairing it with a type of business degree (Ag business or Econ) with a minor in EE or CS is an option.

IF you are dead set on getting degree in Engineering, put that as first major and Ag Bus/Econ as second choice. I think you have a good chance at tamu admission and less of a chance with Eng, I know I’m rambling, lol