Texas A&M Engineering(College Station) Chancing

I’m a senior at a Texas high school who moved to Austin halfway through my sophomore year from Portland, Oregon. About 2 months after that school went virtual, and remained that way until the beginning of my senior year. I plan on applying to the Texas A&M School of Engineering at College Stations before October 15th(Early action deadline). I classify as an in-state student, yet I am not sure about my chances to get into A&M Engineering. I was wondering if anyone could help me determine my chances?
(I’m also a first-generation student.)

Gender: Male
Race: Asian(Indian)

Unweighted GPA: 3.62
Weighted GPA: 4.76
Class Rank: 192 out of about 650 students in my class
SAT: Highest → 1370 (Still attempting)
ACT: Highest → 31 (Still attempting)

I would graduate with about 29 credits in the STEM field with Honors.
I would have taken 15 AP classes by the time I graduate with those being: Environmental Science, World History, Statistics, Biology, English III, Seminar, Art History, Research, Literature, Macroeconomics(1-semester course), Government(1-semester course), AP Physics C: Mechanics( 1 course counts for both Mechanics and Electricalicity and Magnetism), Calculus BC, Computer Science A.

Extracurriculars-(Probably my weakest portion):

Car Club Founder - Recently started a club about designing car parts using 3D modeling software(Autodesk Inventor)
Student Council Member- 2 years(by the time I graduate)
DASH(Drugs, Alcohol, Safety, and Health) Committee member - 2 years(by the time I graduate)
Graphic Design Club Member - 1 year(by the time I graduate)
Side-note: I didn’t have that many opportunities to join clubs after moving, and then spending my junior year virtually.

Letter of Recommendation:
I believe I will be getting about 3 recommendation letters.

Honestly I don’t know but they seem to focus on the top 10% of the class and you are not close but also says they’ll consider you for other campuses…McAllen, Galveston, Blinn. LORs are optional and they will only review the first two sent so don’t send three. Not following instructions is an easy way to get eliminated.

I’d say unlikely based on what I’m reading. But Texas Tech is great and near state publics OU, OSU, Arkansas, Ms St and Alabama / Auburn are all solid as is UNM. All with merit. So keep up the great work.

If you’d like smaller, in addition to privates like Tulsaor SMU, check out Missouri S&T and UAH. Both are solid. Good luck.

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