Texas A&M Interview for S2M Program (Science to Medicine) 2020

I am starting this thread to discuss about interview for S2M program 2020, please post your stats, interview tips and any discussion related to this topic.
Thank you!

I was just wondering how many people get the interview every year?

I have tried to look up on that. I am not very sure. guessing 12-15 students probably.

Haha I suppose that’s why there’s no one else here.

Did you have your interview yet? How did it go? I have a PPC interview with A&M and I know that both of the programs are a bit different but I sorta figured there could be similarities when it comes to the difficulty of the interviews and the questions asked…
Any advice?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey! Has anyone received word on decision yet?

No, still waiting patiently…

Still waiting…

TAMU S2M results are out!!! Got accepted woohoo!

@ [PathophysiologyFTW] Congratulations on your acceptance to Texas A&M. would you share your interview experience with Texas A&M because my DC got interview and no details where about any interview questions or topic and how hard it is? Also how to prepare for the interview?

Hey congrats. I just got interview for Ag2M which is the same but I’m a biochem major instead of bio and I just wanted to know what type of interview questions you were asked. Please let me know.