Texas A&M MSC Conway-Fitzhugh Seminar in Italy and IMPACT or FISH camps?

Any opinions out there on attending the Italy trip and then FISH or IMPACT camps? My daughter is going on the Italy trip and we are trying to decide about FISH camp or IMPACT now. I don’t think she will try to do both.

Fish Camp. She can get plugged in to a church and attend Breakaway and/or get involved in impact.

I went on the Italy trip two years ago and went to Fish Camp. You can definitely go to both Impact and Fish Camp if you want to, but I had so much fun on the Italy trip and made all my friends there so it kind of ruined the Fish Camp experience for me.

Speaking from personal experience, the Italy trip covers basically everything you’d learn at Fish Camp. I did both and found Fish Camp to personally be a waste of time-- a lot of people have great experiences, but I found it to be redundant if you’re already doing the Italy trip! However, I would definitely recommend looking into Impact. Registration stays open for the duration of the summer, and it’s an incredible experience you won’t really be able to get anywhere else. I wish someone had told me to sign up before my freshmen year; it’s an amazing opportunity to start college off with great Christian community!