Texas is at unifieds this year but do students have a better chance by going to Texas?

I have been wondering if one has a higher chance of acceptance to this or other competitive schools by trekking down to go to the school itself to audition?

I can’t get there easily from here because we are in the NE.

Truthfully, I know you get more time at the colleges but does it statistically transfer into more acceptances?

My son is at Texas State. He auditioned on campus but there are several in his class that auditioned at Unifieds. He was also accepted to CMU & Penn State based on his Unified auditions, he did not audition on those campuses. So I don’t think it matters really. Having said that, I think an on campus audition is preferable if you can afford to go so you get a whole day there instead of a 10 minute audition slot.

Thanks! We’ll go where we can without killing ourselves then.

Texas state WILL NOT be at Unifieds this year. Check their website.