Texas residency for international student??

<p>I have been in MA for 2 years and my dad's company has already applied for our green card, in which only last step is left out to be filed. We dont have our residency for MA and currently i'm on a visa status, dependent on my dad's visa(H1B, so that makes me H4). So, i am currently paying international fees in a community college. I want to study in University of Texas at Austin for next two years. So i just have a question on how to establish a texas residency.</p>

<p>It takes a year to become a resident. For a U.S. resident, one way to do it is to move to Texas, buy a house or condo (or have your parents buy you a house or condo), live in that house at least part of the year, work at a full or part time job, register your car in Texas, register to vote in Texas, and after a year, I think you are very likely to be able to convince UT that you have permanently moved to Texas and will be a Texan from now on, and thus pass the "Texas resident" test. One can do all of this one's first year at UT but one would be paying out of state tuition during that year.</p>

<p>I am not sure if it works the same way for an international student, though.</p>

<p>I thought international students already had in-state tuition? But i could be mistaken...</p>

<p>mkose1, I think that international students who graduate from Texas high schools get in state tuition.</p>