Texas State ranked in the Top 10 (#7) Musical Theatre Programs in the country!

Texas State has been ranked in the Top 10 (#7) Musical Theatre Programs in the country by collegemagazine.com in their latest issue. http://www.collegemagazine.com/top-10-colleges-musical-theatre-majors/

While I have no beef with TSU ranking in anyone’s top 10 list for MT- especially factoring in cost-any list that does not include NYU or Ithaca in the top 10 (and lists Syracuse as #5- really?? Over Pace and Oklahoma City?) seems a bit off. Bottom line, there are many great MT programs and many, many top 10 lists out there, most of which include Ithaca and NYU. The main thing is to find the right fit for your student.

I love NOTHING more than seeing my kid’s school on any “top” list- and I absolutely think Tx state deserves to on one. But- when looking at lists, be sure to check source- this one was written by a senior at FSU.

Look, I think we can all agree that these lists are subjective and that there are probably 20 programs that could be in anyone’s Top 10 list. They all provide fantastic training as do probably 40-50 other programs. However, it is nice to be mentioned in any list that comes out and I don’t understand the need to run down these lists. All these 20 schools are on one list or the other. Texas State has a great program that, yes, I am proud of, but so does Ithaca and NYU and OKCU etc, etc.

I am sorry if I offended you @MTDadandProud . I did say that I thought Tx State deserved a place on ANY list. But I think it is important to pay attention to sources.

My D loved Texas State audition at Unifieds! how long till we hear results? She was SO impressed! Any advice from here or do we just wait???

As for offers and waitlists, if you are in the final pool of kids that are being considered you get an e-mail notice that you are on priority hold. That notice should come sometime in February. After the last round of auditions (Feb. 20-21) offers and waitlist notifications will be made. This is usually the end of February to first of March but that isn’t set in stone.

This article is written by a current student and gives great information on the program at Texas State.