Texas State University Reputation in STEM?


I am considering applying here to Transfer for a Computer Engineering degree (very very last choice). I am applying to ASU, UT, UTSA, UofH, UTD, & University of Arizona. I considered last choice Texas State only because of location for commuting. Most people I know don’t respect or acknowledge Texas State in STEM especially since it’s a known party school. I never would have considered this place but I want to make sure I have a backup. I know that Texas State is good for Education & Public Relations. However, I want to hear for those of you who went here about your experience here. Pros? Cons? What is school life like? Is it Safe? Has it helped you or hurt you in the job market? If you did STEM then how was the education quality? Did it prepare you? Would you recommend looking elsewhere? Thank you!

As a programmer myself, and as someone who used to work at Texas State, if you’re going into technology, it really makes no difference where you go to school. Most of what you learn is going to be on the job anyway. If Texas State is a reasonable commute and affordable, you really can’t go wrong. In fact, it’s arguably a better option than UTSA, because it’s close to both Austin and San Antonio, which opens up more internship opportunities. As UT has gotten more elitist, Texas State has become a popular alternative for “UT rejects” who live in Austin, because it’s in a commutable distance.

Is it a party school? It used to be THE party school 20 years ago. They tamed that reputation quite a bit by getting more selective with their enrollment and cracking down on fraternities. It’s actually a very balanced school.