Texas strong ties

If you are applying to a a medical school in the state where you attended undergrad, lease an apartment, now work at a hospital, vote there, volunteer there and your fiancée works there, would these be considered strong ties?

@texaspg probably can answer.

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Make sure your drivers license and car registration are also in Texas

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Texas has a one year of paying taxes from a Texas address or owning land or other property and paying property taxes for an year as conditions for residency. A resident shouldn’t have to prove any ties.

The big difference in Texas is that most of the schools (Baylor has slightly less) have a 90% reservation for residents.

The ties apply to a couple of smaller schools that are regional in focus - UTRGV Rio Grande and the new UT Tyler which have a lot of their seats allocated to locals. The expectation is that these rural schools want to ensure those trained have ties to stick around the region.

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What about if the applicant is under a certain age, say, younger than 24 years old?

Age shouldn’t make any difference unless under 18.

It has to be at least 12 months at the time of application to be eligible as resident.

She is interested in Dell, attended UT and works in Austin. She’s been in Austin since last 6 years, did her undergraduate there and now a medical assistant at a local medical practice with her mentor. Her fiancée also works there now but won’t meet 12 month residency requirement.

I don’t think her fiancés residency status matters at all. It won’t affect HER residency status.


Married carries weigh w/r/t to in-state tie. Fianceé does not. (Engagements get broken all the time.)

To establish domicile, you must meet the following criteria:

    1. Live in Texas for 12 consecutive months by the application deadline; and
  1. Establish and maintain domicile for 12 consecutive months prior to the application deadline, by doing one of the following:
    * Be gainfully employed in Texas
    * Sole or joint marital ownership of residential real property in Texas by the person seeking to enroll or the dependent’s parent, having established and maintained a domicile at the residence
    * Own and operate a business in Texas
    * Be married for one year to a person who has established domicile in Texas


NOTE–TMDSAS determines an applicant’s status for admission purposes AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION. That status cannot be changed during the application cycle.

Each individual med school will make its own determination of resident status for tuition purposes during the matriculation process.


As an undergrad she would still be a resident of whereever you were/are as a family. Many try to convert to resident by buying property. Since she has been working (as long as she is paying taxes with a texas address) and can show 12 months residency before applying, she would be a resident. TMDSAS gives clear approval for residency when you apply so there are no doubts about it since schools have to consider residency status for interviews.

Planning to attend Dell does not work since they have so few seats. Easier to get into bigger schools in texas which have 200 seats or more for residents - McGovern, UTMB, UTSW, Long. Tech and El Paso are smaller but still have way more seats than Dell.

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Thank you. This is informative and helpful.

Dell only enrolls 50 students/class. Per state statutes, at least 90% of those accepted must be TX residents.

Also Texas med schools use a pre-match process whereby each TX med school enrolls the bulk of their class. Only Texas residents are eligible for the med school match program.

Medical Acceptances for Non-Texas Residents.

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The match program is not best for the student who gets admitted but those on waitlist. They essentially ask you to pick one school by making a ranking choice and even if one has been admitted to 5 schools in Texas, they lose 4 admissions during match by mid/late february which means they have a very short time to judge the schools they are admitted to. If the OOS students get into more than one school, they get to be on the same footing as AMCAS students where they have until May 1st to narrow down their choices.