Texas Tech Clark Scholars 2021

Didn’t see a 2021 thread for this, so here we go!

Anyone applying? Share anything related to this program that you want on here

I’m also applying! do u know if the deadline Feb. 8 means by the midnight of Feb. 8?

I’m actually not sure… I think I’ll just submit by end of the day Sunday just to be safe

Also, I see that it says that teacher recommendations are due two weeks after the student deadline. Will there be a way for students to check if their teachers submitted their recs after students submit their application? Right now it just says on the application if your teacher submitted their recommendation or not.

btw the deadlines are midnight ct

The part that says whether teacher submitted their rec will update once they submitted it

Anyone heard back yet? It’s been about 5 weeks since the application deadline and they have nothing on their website indicating when they get back to applicants with their decisions, so I was just wondering.

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It says May 1

Edit - first week of May

where did it say May 1st?

The website says the first days of May, but not the first.

I emailed them a while ago and the automatic response says mid-April is when decisions come out.

Oh really? Hopefully that is true. I would much rather prefer mid April cause May 15th is too long and many other programs require commitment before then

I just found out at 2:00. I was rejected :pensive:

Did you receive an email? I am still waiting.

Yeah I got rejected too. It’s an email

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Yeah, I got it in an email. This is how it read:
Dear Clark Scholars Applicant:

Thank you for your application and interest in the 2021 Clark Scholars program. We had the difficult task of reviewing over 700 highly qualified submissions this year. Unfortunately, the competitiveness of the applicant pool makes it impossible to select every worthy candidate, and we regret to inform you that you were not selected for this summer’s program. Although this may be disappointing news, we are certain that your academic excellence and talents will help you achieve much success in your future endeavors.

We wish you a safe and happy summer.


Clark Scholars Staff

Thanks. I got nothing. Will check with them.

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Over 700 applicants? That’s like a 1.5 % acceptance rate dang. I wonder if they are done with their acceptances or if they are going through them still.