Texas Tech Clark Scholars 2023

The application opened today. How many of us are applying this year?

I think I will but genuinely will be fine if I don’t get in. accepting 12/500 people makes admission so random.

I though it was close to 700 last year. :laughing:

just submitted my application-- I’m wondering whether it is more/less competitive depending on what subject area you apply to? it seems like nearly all previous scholars are in STEM fields, with only 1 history and 1 econ (?) subject concentration last year. Do we think there are drastically fewer humanities applicants this year? I would guess so seeing as the subject areas have been cut down as well.
good luck to everyone! this program is a huge long shot, haha!

12/700, we didn’t even bother applying. they really should add more spots.

When do acceptances come out?