Texas Tech Honors College Admission

Hey! I was admitted to the Texas tech Honors college for fall 2018-2019, and I wanted to see who else was admitted and is moving into the honors dorms. I guess this could just be a thread for questions and stuff before move in?

I just finished my freshman year at Techs Honors College and I lived in the Honors Dorm! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!

@hbkatz What were your stats to get in honors?

I’m also wondering about this. My daughter will be applying to TTU and I’m thinking she could be in the honors program. Is it going to be a much more rigorous program comparatively?

My son is in Honors College. The honors class size is capped at 20. You should select classes that satisfy the requirements in your major. They seem to be more interactive and interesting classes. You also will be able to register before other students.


Good Luck

An acquaintance’s daughter is heading there. She couldn’t get into other BS/MD programs so this was her only option. She is heart broken as controlling parents forced her to accept TTU. I hope its a good place and works out for her.

@CupCakeMuffins , Disclaimer: my wife and I both graduated from Tech, so I’m kind of partial.

@CupCakeMuffins , Well, my reply got cut off for some reason, so I’ll continue here. Your acquaintance will enjoy her time there and will get a great education. People are very friendly there, and there are lots of activities for students. The campus is beautiful, large and spread out. There is a lot of room, and things aren’t crammed together. The architecture of the buildings is consistent, which adds to the feel and beauty of the campus. Lubbock is a good sized city with most of the usual comforts. Tech gets a bad wrap because Lubbock is remote, which admitedly it is, but it has a lot to offer. It does get cold there in the winter which can take some getting used to if you’re from a mostly warm weather climate. It may not be her first choice, but she’ll enjoy her time there.

Daughter got into Honors. She will be a Freshman in 2019-2020.
GPA 4.0
SAT 1410
ACT 33
Not very many AP classes taken due to school being small and they didn’t offer many (She took all of them that were offered)
Band, UIL State Qualifier x2 (Science), Interact, NHS, NSHS, Volunteer work, just to name a few EC’s

My son, her brother is a Junior at Tech(no Honors) and loves it. But he has a very cool job. (Student Manager for the baseball team)

Hi:) if you know anything or have thoughts on TTU’s honors college please share and help me out here.
thank y’all!!

@treehugger2023 , I think the deadline for Tech Honors application is today, March 16.

@CamandCam I already applied and have been accepted into the honors college

@treehugger2023 , oh, ok. Congratulations! Tech is a great college. My wife and I both graduated from Tech. The campus is beautiful and open; not crammed together. The people are friendly. Lubbock is a good sized town and loves its university. It is a bit distant from the major population centers, but then again, Texas is a vast state. One good thing about its location is that the ski slopes are close. With your stats, I’m sure you received a nice scholarship from Tech. The good thing is you don’t have a bad option no matter which you choose: Tech or Blinn Team. These are big decisions. Good luck with whatever you decide, and don’t look back. Best wishes!

Hi all Looking for some info or guidance regarding how probable the Honors to MD acceptance is at Tech.

My son is a rising Junior with 4.0 gpa, 35 ACT first attempt, working on ECs in medical field etc.

We are assuming he might be unable to get into any Guaranteed medical programs since he is Asian and competition is too high.

Does anyone know what are the chances of Tech Honors student getting accepted into Tech MD program please ? Thanks much and congrats to all the Honors students !!!

Have you looked at this @helperdad? It seems like your son’s academic performance would qualify. https://www.ttuhsc.edu/medicine/admissions/undergraduate-to-medical-school-initiative.aspx

Thanks @BlueBayouAZ

Yes looked at it and my son plans to apply. I’m not sure if the Guaranteed MD seat is given at the point of entry into BS program or after 1 or 2 years of BS studies.

I was able to get a contact at the school so will chat with them offline