Texas Tech Honors

Just wanted to know if anyone knew anything about the honors program at tech, I am going into my senior year, my gpa is right at 3.7 and my sat is a 1370. Does anyone know the likelyhood of being accepted into the honors program at ttu?


Per the FAQ, you meet the minimum requirements:

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Daughter got into Honors. She will be a Freshman in 2019-2020. (Class of 2023)
GPA 4.0
SAT 1410
ACT 33
Not very many AP classes taken due to school being small and they didn’t offer many (She took all of them that were offered)
Band, UIL State Qualifier x2 (Science), Interact, NHS, NSHS, Volunteer work, just to name a few EC’s

My son, her brother is a Junior at Tech(no Honors) and loves it. But he has a very cool job. (Student Manager for the baseball team)

thank you!

Hi:) if you know anything or have thoughts on TTU’s honors college please share and help me out here.
thank y’all!!