Texas Tech Housing for students starting 2020

Hi there, my son has been accepted as international student at TTU Bus Admin. This week the housing application started but after having to wait for some hours in order to access the online application, by the time we could access, both Business LC at Murray Hall and Suites at Talkington seem to be full already. Is this the normal procedure? Is there still a possibility for him to get into the Learning Community at Murray? Or the only options are any of the other Halls? Can anybody on this forum shed some more light on this?
Looking forward to hearing some advice.
Greetings from The Netherlands!

@Dutchie2024 my daughter in jumped on right away as soon as portal opened. The site crashed, her and her three friends got in after a few minutes, but Talkington was full already. Murray is hard because LCs, honors and grad students all try for that hall. TTU said to log-in and check each day as people shuffle around and the occasional space opens up. My daughter and her three friends got a room in Gordon.

While a cumbersome system, at least they have space somewhere, others schools sometimes don’t have enough physical space for freshmen students.

Princeton (son’s school) assigns a random number to each student ahead of time. They then get a time window to log in and get a room. A better system for sure…

Good luck!


Actually, we kept on looking the days after and indeed rooms opened up. He now has the Hall (Murray) of his first choice. So it ended up all ok from our side. He is very happy.

Great news!