Texas Tech or Texas State University

I’m planning on transferring to a university after community college. Which I’m having a hard time deciding on the two, I plan on majoring in the stock market such as finance or possibly continuing going on with tv journalism. I have friends that go to both schools and they all really enjoy it even though majority are from Dallas my friends in Lubbock say there’s not too much isolation and that it’s a really good school to go to. My friends at Texas state enjoy it but always worry if receiving a degree from Texas state is worth it. Since we grew up in the city/ suburban life everyone wants to have a better life if it’s more luxurious or just better than before. For what I want to do I’m not sure which university to really go for I haven’t visited either of them just yet because they are quite the drive but I’m planning on visiting really soon.

pick whatever you want it’s your choice. I want to attend Harvard but I can’t afford it yet along other universities and I don’t see reason attending schools once I finish undergrad studies hopefully.

This wasn’t really helpful…

If you’re considering the journalism or finance route, I’d look into both programs at both schools and see which appeals to you more in terms of classes and such. Never been to Tech, but Texas State is a beautiful campus that is difficult not to appreciate. Not to mention the proximity to Austin and San Antonio for internship or work purposes. However, I’d say that UT Austin definitely steals it’s thunder just because it has the absolute top notch programs in Texas for the most part. If you don’t mind that, I think a Texas State degree would hold just as much weight as a Texas Tech degree. I can’t offer any insight regarding Tech unfortunately, but I think you should ultimately go where you see yourself the most happy and intellectually fulfilled.

For finance you really want top notch grades and UT Austin.
For journalism look at both programs.
Apply widely in any case and not just to 2 universities.

My son was going to be a Red Raider until he visited Texas State. He is now a senior at Texas State. Tech is gonna have the better business school while I would give Texas State the edge in journalism only because it is closer to the San Antonio/Austin market. I would suggest you visit both schools to see which one feels like a better fit. Tech is a better overall school but Texas State is in a much better location.

TTU and TSU are academically not that apart but San Marcos is a much better location.

Both schools are solid but average academic institutions; but Tech certainly has more “name recognition” especially if you ever decide to leave Texas and seek employment elsewhere. Although Texas State (and the San Marcos area) has grown exponentially in the last fifteen years, Texas State (Southwest Texas State) still falls into the Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston State category in the minds of a lot people in Texas.

If you are the least bit interested in school spirit, Division I sports, etc., then Tech is the clear winner there. Don’t let Lubbock deter you without visiting. I did not go to school at Tech, but I have certainly changed my attitude about Lubbock and the university as a whole. I have never met anyone who did not love their time at Tech. People who attend(ed) Tech are very loyal to their school. It may help you in your career to be a part of the Red Raider network in Texas. You will not develop such a network at Texas State. Texas State is full of students walking around with Longhorn hats and t-shirts who go to Austin every weekend to party and to act like they go to UT.

I am sure you will have fun at whichever school you decide works for you. Best of luck!!

You should definitely check out Texas A&M also.

“Texas State is full of students walking around with Longhorn hats and t-shirts who go to Austin every weekend to party and to act like they go to UT.”

This is simply not true. These schools do not compete for the same students. UT is the flagship school for the state. Texas State is a regional university. Lots of Texas State students due go to Austin on the weekend but it is because it is Austin.

Saying these schools do not compete for the same students is the understatement of the year. The school serves its purpose as a diploma mill for the “less than stellar” student, but it has no school spirit and many students WILL be found walking around campus with UT (and A&M) gear. The school is dead on the weekends as most students go home or go visit their friends in Austin and College Station…sorry, Grainraiser…that simply IS TRUE!!!

Sorry but that campus is not dead on the weekend. The kids hit the river and relax. I have never seen a student walking around that campus with A&M gear and only a few with UT gear on. Have daughter who just graduated from UT and a son who will be graduating this spring. Been to both campuses many times over the last 4 years. The only thing I will agree with you is that both UT and A&M have more school spirit. I would not say Texas State has zero school spirit but they are no par with UT and A&M.

I will weigh in for Texas Tech. We have friends at both but the Tech student’s are the happier with their college. They also have a lot of students that transfer in from CC and have no trouble fitting in right away. Their business school is really good. Some of these kids got in to UT but just wanted a smaller school. Just know the campus is REALLY spread out. A bike would be a necessity. My son liked it and it was the only college in TX he would even consider.

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Texas Tech is ranked higher nationally in US New best colleges

I would probably give the edge to Texas Tech - but it is a tough call. Don’t rule out Lubbock without visiting. It has a very tight community college community feel. Like TAMU in college station. The whole town supports the university.

In terms of broadcast internships, while you would possibly have internship opportunities in the larger markets of Austin and San Antonio - with Texas State, you are competing against UT students and the San Antonio schools for those opportunities. But in Lubbock - you have potentially more opportunity, since it is a smaller market. Generally - smaller markets let you do more.

Lubbock sucks and TTU isn’t anything special to make this sacrifice. Look elsewhere.

Why not UNT - they have an excellent journalism department. Dallas is close by if you want to do internships.

Texas Tech has a much better reputation than Texas State.

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Texas Tech without question.