Texas Tech UMSI program (direct BS MD)

Hey so I am in the class of 2019 and am applying to the Texas Tech UMSI program, and was wondering what the average admitted student looks like. The minimum credentials listed on their website for the program look deceiving, so I was wondering if any of the people who got into the UMSI program could list their stats (gpa, rank, sat/act score, ECs).

Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure about exact average stats but I do know that it’s usually last resort or only option for students who didn’t get accepted at any desireable BS/MD programs. This tells me that average stats can’t be too high.

Does anyone else who applied see the CASPer test thing before they submitted the application? I submitted mine before the deadline and checked many times to make sure I had everything, but I got back on to the information page today and found that they also wanted a CASPer test.

@fuegeleona It appears CASPer test is not required this year. Because DD received an interview for UMSI program (scheduled on 22Feb) but she did not Casper test.

Yes, I called to confirm and CASPer is only required following matriculation :slight_smile:

@RiceBits good luck to your DD! I got an interview as well. Do you know how competitive the selection process is after getting an interview?

@M01223 Good luck to you! Don’t know much about selection process - not many posts on this program.

I heard that last year around 45 students were interviewed, and the current freshman class only has 8!


How did they communicate about UMSI interviews? Will they communicate about rejections?

@IntroMom D received a mail regarding the interview. Also, a new Interview tab was added to the application portal.

thank you .we where waiting for the email.my D checked she got the interview

do we need to bring anything to the interview. we do we need to go .

where do we need to go.

@M01223 , @aaluri Hope you succeeded in getting into UMSI. D is waitlisted; most probably will be going to UT Austin.

I was also waitlisted :confused:

Can someone who got in or knows someone who got in let me know what kind of stats they’re looking for? Just want to see if I’ll have a shot of getting in. I’d really appreciate anyone’s help!

@ M01223 , @RiceBits , @aaluri
Can you guys please share your experience on UMSI interview and selection process and by when they will intimate for interview
@ student446 , lets discuss if you have additional info on this UMSI

I just joined this community .


It’s not as prestigious or high ranked as top BS-MD programs in other states or even in Texas at Rice or Baylor so you they get less applications from tippy top students but tons of second tier hopefuls apply.

Any idea when interview invites are sent out for Texas tech UMSI program.