Texas Tech vs University of Houston (Petr E)

<p>Alright, so right now im at CC doing fairly well making mostly B's and A's. I'm wanting to transfer to a 4 year university, next fall and major in petroleum engineering. My dilemma is deciding where to go. Texas Tech or U of H. I live in Houston so UH would be more convenient for me. However U of H petr e program is fairly new, and im not sure how employers view UH. </p>

<p>so which one would be a better school to go to? i just want to increase my chances of getting a good paying job when i graduate.</p>

<p>btw, lets say i do go to texas tech, i'd still go back to houston after i graduate.</p>

<p>I would suggest changing your moniker.</p>

<p>Pick the cheapest option between these two schools. U of H is convenient to you and is located in job-rich Houston. You're choosing a lucrative major so I wouldn't worry too much about job prospects.</p>

<p>Consider doing some more digging at both U of H and Texas Tech's engineering schools to find out what firms actually hire their petroleum engineers and also find out about internship programs. Second, goldentboy8784's point is a good one, petroleum engineer grads will get hired. A "however". Check out other engineering majors (such as chemical engineering) at both schools and also do the internship/find out who hires their grads research because you may end up changing majors.</p>

<p>Texas</a> Tech University :: University Career Services ::</p>

<p>Texas Tech encourages you to seek internship opportunities yourself.</p>

<p>UH</a> Cullen College of Engineering Career Center
Internships</a> | UH Petroleum Engineering</p>

<p>UH brings internships to you.</p>

<p>I am going to Tech next year,will let you know how it goes :P</p>

<p>Btw,Houston's not bad since its in job rich area.Tech is too far,but I have no choice now but to go and see for it myself.Hopefully it goes smooth.</p>

<p>Easier to look for internships and jobs in Houston since most companies are located in Houston. UT or A&M would be better if you can get in.</p>

<p>i dont know im leaning toward's texas tech, and if i decide to change my major i think its a better school than UH in general</p>

<p>verbalabuser92, Just another tidbit of input regarding where you first job may be as a petroleum or chemical engineer, it may be in "job rich" Houston or it may not depending on the energy related company. The input is to be ready to be flexible on job location if the position and company are what you want. For instance, my son graduated from Tech in business administration a few years ago and now works at the divisional headquarters in Oklahoma of an oil field services company with corporate headquarters in Houston. He will likely transfer to Houston at some point in the next few years with this company, but day one it was not an option. Another friend's son graduated as a petroleum engineer from UT and works for BP (with U.S. operational headquarters in Houston) with his first assignment in Alaska (and loves it). Just something to consider for down the road.</p>