Text in square brackets disappearing

Okay, this is weird. After I posted, I could see the bracket, the word “text” and the second bracket. Now I only see two question marks. I’m on a desktop - chrome.

@CC_Jon can you figure out what is happening?



Testing Brackets - behind each colon is the text “this works”, bracketed by respective “brackets”:

Parenthesis (round brackets): (this works) !
(Square) Brackets: [this works] !
Braces (curly brackets): {this works} !
“French” brackets/quotes (double arrows): «this works» !

Some brackets have special meaning within the CC text editor (such as square brackets followed by parenthesis indicating a link address and text). So precision might be crucial here…

@CC_Jon Reproducible. (even from desktop computer)
The message will “post” seemingly correctly, from editor into the “live” page.
BUT, if the browser is REFRESHED, and the page rendered anew, THEN the full page rendering will indeed suppress bracketed text.

This seems to have been caused by something in the CC theme. It’s not expected behavior, so I’m checking with the developers to get it fixed. Thanks for the report.