<p>hey guys, where do we find out what textbook is required for each class? and is it better to wait until class starts? or buy them in advance</p>

manage registration</p>

<p>under all your classes
university mall (ferren) <-- click on this</p>

<p>oh ok, thanks a lot. but is it better waiting or buying them in advance?</p>

<p>buy them online (half.com) its a lot cheaper</p>

<p>or you can rent them at cheggs.</p>

<p>bumping to bury a certain thread..but I believe the best site to buy books online is bigwords.com , it searches all of the sites including cheggs and half.com and compare the prices for you all in one search</p>

<p>no one's answered the question if it's better to wait til class starts? Is it?</p>

<p>Buy them now especially if you are a freshman. Most freshman take the same general courses so books can run out and than you are going to have to wait till the bookstore orders more. Further, you can get dibs on used books if you go early. And if you are worried that your professors don't require you to have the book or a different book, than you can return it for full refund within the first or second week of semester.</p>

<p>If you are buying online, however, the return process will be more annoying, so waiting for certainty is a good idea. just pay for faster shipping to get your books on time.</p>

<p>But if we go on the website webreg and go to the book store online it says all the textbooks that are required are used for all the sections of the subject (ex. Calculus). So worrying over if the professor will want to use a different book might not be a problem. And usually the required are textbooks, so it's not like they could just replace the textbook with something COMPLETELY different, I mean not unless it's different editions or anything.</p>

<p>Buy them in advance online if you're a fresh/soph. The books shown on the sites are already approved by the professors for the class. Besides, the books don't change much, and most of the teachers have their syllabuses done weeks before class.</p>

<p>are we completely screwed if the book comes (if bought online) in at the end of the second week of class? Especially classes like Bio and Chem</p>

<p>not completely screwed. but you better ask someone in your class if they'd be willing to let you borrow it every now and then until you get your book. You should keep up with class readings and homework. Two weeks of work is a lot to make up. Meanwhile, go to class and pay attention.</p>

<p>didn't open up my chem book all year; didn't miss out either :)</p>