Textbooks and Concentration Issues

I can’t concentrate for the life of me. Especially in a room of chatty ninth graders. This year, I’ve been given the choice to use online textbooks, or use the (very few) textbooks that some teachers have. I find that it is easier for me to read/work on paper, but I can’t use paper textbooks at home.

I was wondering if anyone knew a way around this? Teachers won’t allow students to take home textbooks, and the school library doesn’t have any either. Is it common for public libraries to have textbooks to check out? Are there cheap, heavily used textbooks online?

I am stressed because I’m falling behind as my school becomes more technology-oriented. I am now barely passing in some classes solely because I can’t concentrate on a screen for long enough, or because the teachers don’t really teach. They really just send you a bunch of links and expect you to understand. Learning from a book is much better for a student like me.

Any ideas?

Do you have an IEP? If so, write it in the plan.

If not, ask the teachers and if they say no, go to the guidance counselor. Just explain that you can’t concentrate, at home, for the length of time needed to do the assignments. If they all say no, you might be able to find a textbook online to buy. They are usually very cheap.

If all fails, have your parents ask for testing to get an IEP and then write that you need textbooks at home into your plan. That takes some time so I hope someone will see the sense in just letting you take a textbook home.

Noise is a huge problem to some of us. Think about where in the classroom would be most helpful to you. Depending on how classrooms are set up the specific seat or area may differ. As said in the other post, take action to add preferential seating to your education plan.

How would you access your text book best. An online book might allow you to listen to text, even multiple times. A notetaker in college is pretty routine. Could you find someone who could duplicate notes for you and either copy or email them to you.

Teachers select books because they are owned by the school or match personal preferences. They are not sacred texts. Get a library card to check out or order books sent to you. List the chapter topics in your book and find one or more that fit your needs. If you prefer listening to text find an organization such as RFBD.

Colleges provide accommodations specifically related to your learning needs. Start listing those that work for you and why. Figure out how you learn best in the classroom, on homework or assignments, or where in the house. Set up your set up you and your learning environments as we all do.