Textbooks - Calculus 408C

<p>Whew, $$$!!! Where is the best place to buy textbooks? Would anywhere be fine as long as it's the same ISBN? I know some schools are picky and only want you to buy THEIR books.</p>

<p>I clicked on the UT Co-op site and it is showing that in addition to the main book, we should get the two optional books: </p>

<p>Calc Single Variable (SG) - does this need to be new or can it be used?</p>

<p>Calc Single Variable (SMM) - can this be used?</p>

<p>A general question - For most any course in any subject, is used fine or are there some that demand new?</p>

<p>I'm selling the Stewart Calculus Series UT Textbook for M408C and M408D! PM me for details/pricing :)</p>

<p>rent them @ chegg.com. Depending on whether or not you will be using the same book for 2 semesters. Sometimes it's cheaper to rent and sometimes it's cheaper to buy.</p>

<p>its definitely cheaper to buy- after you use the book you can sell it and get your money back pretty much. If you rent them it will be cheaper but you wont get your money back</p>

<p>Ok, so bottom line, renting is cheaper if just needing it for one semester?</p>

<p>NO! Do not rent your textbooks! You can't make money that way, since you can't sell them.</p>

<p>I buy all my books used at Half.com (just search by ISBN) and then at the end of the semester sell them on there too! Last semester I bought my Accounting 311 book for $60 on half.com (it was $180 new at the Co-op, $120 used at the Co-op) and then I sold it at the end of the semester for $65. Once you subtract shipping fees both directions, I ended up spending a total of $6.75 for that book! Nowhere can you rent a book for that cheap! The book was in nearly perfect condition, and way better than many of the used books at the co-op.</p>

<p>It's a great system, I use it for all my books. I once even made a profit, bought a book for $30 and sold it for $50 at the end of the semester. The co-op wanted 100 for it new and 80 for it used. I've been doing this every semester and so far I've only really spent money on course packets or those strange custom books some classes require (CMS 306M comes to mind).</p>