Textbooks for Calculus Sequence 15000

<p>Does anybody know the textbook(s) that are used for the calculus sequence 15100-15200-15300? I would like to get them early because I want to save money. Also, I feel behind with only having the knowledge from my Calc AB class because I'm graduating early.

<p>The 150's sequence used "Calculus: One Variable" by Salas and Hille. It's the one with an Ionic column/capital on the cover. </p>

<p>Also, if you want to save money, I would suggest waiting until you're on campus and buying your books from upperclassmen. There's marketplace.uchicago.edu, and most houses have book sales/purchases on their listhosts at the beginning of every quarter.</p>

<p>I think I could get it cheap on Amazon, so I'll probably purchase it there. THanks for the help!</p>

<p>I got my copy of Salas for $40. The cheapest amazon has is $70 + shipping. :P</p>

<p>yeah, I noticed that too. Thanks for the advice. I got a USH textbook for like $15 earlier this year, so i thought it would be the same with Calculus.</p>

<p>I bought the book over the summer from Amazon's marketplace and got it for $39 including shipping in great condition, so I advise you wait until summer, when demand is low. I highly recommend buying from upperclassmen for things like lab manuals, which aren't available online.</p>