<p>Does anyone know where we find out which textbooks we need for classes?</p>

<p>Go here Welcome</a> | Illini Union Bookstore | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and scroll down about half the page to Buy Textbooks, use box for select by term and choose Fall 2011 term, click and then follow instructions on next page for selecting each course each session. Don't have to buy anything doing this and if books for a course session are not listed that means they have not been determined yet.</p>

<p>neat, thanks.</p>

<p>I would use the bookstores to find what is required and then try to find as much as possible from online stores such as amazon and half.com. </p>

<p>Also check out TIS bookstore in addition to the Union Bookstore. Follets is on campus as well.</p>

<p>most of the books listed on the union bookstore are the latest edition copyright 2010 or 2011. would an older edition of the book work for most classes?</p>

<p>Email the professor and ask them. Sometimes it will</p>

<p>That is one to definitely ask the professor. Sometimes those new editons have significant changes but often they are just "new" editions with minor changes published to allow the book publisher to sell more new books while discouraging purchases of resales of older editions.</p>

<p>I would warn you about one issue, though, if you do choose to buy an older edition. While it is true that the content may be exactly the same (it usually is), the chapters in the book and the problems at the end of chapters are almost always mixed up. The scrambled homework problems in particular will lead to a lot of frustration if you are assigned homework out of the book because you will have to figure out which problems the professor wants you to do. Some professors are accommodating, however. My chem professor last year gave us the problem numbers for both the new and old editions of the textbook we used.</p>

<p>for some classes, (CS 100, CS 125, ENG 100) the only textbook listing is see is
"As Of Today,No Book Order Has Been Submitted,Pleas,".
What gives? Does that mean there's no required books?</p>

<p>also, if i order from the U of I bookstore, can i opt to pick up my books instead of having them delivered?</p>

<p>It means they have not yet designated any books for the course. ENG 100 is mainly a course to just get you oriented in Engineering, learn about what engineering generally is, the job market, and learn how to create a resume and usually has no specified books. Don't know if that is also true of CS100 which is a more in depth orientation course that deals with CS. For CS 125 you just have to wait for any designation.</p>

<p>You can order for pick-up rather than delivery. In fact, I think you are very near the date where your only option becomes ordering for pick-up rather than request delivery.</p>

<p>thanks, you've been helpful</p>