<p>Are there any online sites for students to discuss which books will be needed for class, or is the only way to find out which books are needed to email the professor?</p>

<p>look on the AU bookstore site–put in your class and it will list professors and may list the books they require/recommend</p>

<p>great, thank you</p>

<p>I originally posted this question in the “Kindle” thread, which was pretty stupid of me. Since this thread has started, I’m re-posting the question here: </p>

<p>Has anyone purchased the Biology 1020 Campbell book packet yet – the “Auburn University” edition? How is this book different from the regular Campbell Biology 9th edition textbook? I found an AU 8th edition copy on Alibris and the description said it was a ring-bound book – is that an accurate description for the latest version they’re selling at the AU bookstore? The packet is fairly expensive as well – is the lab manual bundled in with the textbook?</p>

<p>Thanks for any info!</p>

<p>Sorry, I can’t help with your Biology book, but the bookstore site did not list any of the books for my classes. Any other ideas besides emailing the teachers?</p>

<p>They didn’t list any? That shouldn’t be right… unless your class doesn’t require textbooks, the bookstore should list everything you need once you choose your semester (fall) and the class you’re looking for. </p>

<p>[Textbook</a> Search | AUBookstore.com](<a href=“http://www.aubookstore.com/buy_courselisting.asp?]Textbook”>http://www.aubookstore.com/buy_courselisting.asp?)</p>

<p>Here is where you can search for it. If that doesn’t work, then yeah, email your professors.</p>

<p>Does anybody know if it is too late to change fall classes? Should I wait and call tomorrow or just use the online feature tonight?</p>

<p>kks87x: you may have already contacted AU, but we read somewhere on their website (probably academic policies?) that you can add or drop right up to the first day of class, BUT this policy can vary depending on the department. You should either contact the school, or access the Auburn bulletin from the website (in the “students” section). Good luck in the upcoming semester!</p>

<p>Sorry I forgot to come back and post that I found that page on the site.
Here it is for future reference: [Academic</a> Policies - Auburn University College of Sciences and Mathematics](<a href=“Page Not Found”>http://www.auburn.edu/academic/cosam/departments/student-services/academic-policies.htm)</p>

<p>I just used the online feature and it seemed to work fine. I’ll call to confirm.
Thank you.</p>