<p>When will we get notified of the textbooks we need to buy? Or do we have to go to a specific website to see what textbook is needed for each course?</p>

<p>Go here <a href="https://www.bookstores.nyu.edu/WKSCRIPTS3/wkf?BEGIN.ORDER.PROCESS%5B/url%5D"&gt;https://www.bookstores.nyu.edu/WKSCRIPTS3/wkf?BEGIN.ORDER.PROCESS&lt;/a> after scheduling your classes.</p>


<p>In light of your question, I found this article theme to be possibly related to the thread topic. Sorry, I am not a subscriber to the Chronicle of Higher Ed, so I do not have access to the entire article. However, the new federal rule (from what I can surmise) may mean that professors will have to make known class readings sooner (than beginning of school term)? If that is the case, students will have more time to shop around for the best deals on textbooks, which can make a significant difference financially for a tight budget. FOR MORE INFO ON THE NEW FEDERAL RULE, CONTACT THE CAMPUS BOOKSTORE.</p>

<p>Will a New Federal Rule Do the Trick?
Photo Illustration by Ron CoddingtonCampus bookstores are leading the way in alerting colleges to provisions of a new textbook-affordability law.Enlarge Image
By Don Troop
College bookstores are reporting early successes in complying with new federal rules designed to reduce textbook costs, but some faculty members say the new procedures have burdened them with busywork.</p>

<p>Congress passed the rules as part of the 2008 reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. Although the textbook provisions won't take effect until July 1, many colleges told faculty members to provide reading lists and other information for electronic course catalogs in advance of</p>

<p>THE LAST SENTENCE IS WHERE THE ARTICLE LEFT OFF (need to subscribe to the Chronicle for the article in its entirety).</p>