<p>For M 408D (Seq/Series/multi) the book listed is</p>

<p>CALCULUS >CUSTOM< Ed: 6TH Yr: 2007,

<p>What exactly is the difference between this custom McMaster edition and the regular edition? Seems like this one is harder to find :/</p>

<p>I don't know about this specific course, but the custom editions I have come across so far have been customized for the professor/course by the publisher and therefore have different information than the standard. For example, one of my professors didn't like the latest edition that came out for a text he used, so the publisher continued making the old version just for him and added a chapter that was from his lectures.</p>

<p>Since transferring to UT I have given up shopping around for cheaper books - I just buy the used ones from the Co-op and save my receipts so I can get a bit back on the rebate as well as when I sell them. (The co-op rebate program is sort of cool and not a lot of people seem to know about it, so I highly recommend saving all your receipts since you typically get back about 10%, and that includes non-textbook purchases.) Something new this fall that the co-op is trying out is textbook rentals, so if you don't want to buy the book that could be an option for you.</p>

<p>Hey! I have that book (for M 408D and M 408C )and I'm selling it for cheaper than the UT CO-OP. If you still need it, I can sell it to you! PM me :). I took M 408D Fall of 2009 with Gustavo Cepparo and used it.</p>