<p>should we buy our textbooks before class starts or should we wait until after our first class</p>

<p>wait until after the first class, because some books will be "optional" and some you can wait to buy. for example, i had to read a book for Business class, but not until April, so i waited to purchase that and bought it on Amazon Marketplace. you never use the book on the first class, anyway.</p>

<p>check your BB for the syllabus, if it is available. Often teachers post it and expect you to look at it prior to the first class, and will have a reading assignment that needs to be completed. Most of the time they will tell you via email about the assignment, but sometimes not. I learned the hard way, when my Stern Scholars seminar had a 2 books to have been completed before the first class and I had to BS my way through the entire discussion on the first day (it was easy to tell when I was BSing because there were only like 10 kids in the class)</p>

<p>how do you find out which books you need?</p>