Texts from Our Kids

<p>My 2 D's just went to Crotia for a 10 day holiday with a layover in Frankfurt. While flying there they texted me 2am our time (flight change dont where were going but will be in touch soon).</p>

<p>Great thread!</p>

<p>Dean of kid's college mentioned a text she had received from her kid at college:</p>

<p>"Start worrying. Details will follow."</p>

<p>text from California D (February in Cincinnati for grad school audition)</p>

<p>"How do you walk in snow?"</p>

<p>my response:
"NOT in heels"</p>


<p>"ooooh! Thanks!"</p>

<p>Before she left for work the other day, I commented to DD that her pants (size 2 - she's very petite) looked a smidge big on her. She told me they probably just looked that way because of the paper bag waist. Later that morning, I received this text ...</p>

<p>DD: These pants ARE too big. Best. Day. Ever!</p>

<p>I seriously doubt I'll ever hear the words "Those pants look big on you" directed at me.</p>

<p>"Cld u bring me a water?"</p>

<p>From my daughter upstairs to me downstairs.</p>

<p>Guitarist'smom-------and did you???</p>

<p>OMG, guitarist's mom, that made me LOL!!!!</p>

<p>Son spent an unchaperoned week at the beach with 8 BFFs immediately following graduation. As a condition of letting him go, he had to text me once each day to say he was awake and alive. And for the first 4 days, that's all he texted: awake and alive.</p>

<p>Imagine my :eek: on the 5th day when all I got was: awake.</p>

<p>Last night my D2 graduated from high school. We were tired at bedtime and I texted D1 to ask her to text me when she got home.</p>

<p>Response: I am home. You saw me. I'm the taller one.</p>

<p>^^^lol, zoosermom.</p>

<p>Another one I got from my youngest: "Does our insurance cover CAT scans?"</p>

<p>"Guitarist'smom-------and did you???"</p>

<p>I did, after I texted back "Say Please" (and she did)</p>

<p>I just received this from S1 earlier today:</p>

<p>Broke my nose badly. In the ER.</p>

<p>(S1 is 25 years old, plays rugby, and therefore deserves what he gets.)</p>

<p>Text from S2 a couple last year:</p>

<p>"My G string broke. You have to bring me another one!"</p>

<p>He was 13 and plays the electric bass.</p>

<p>LOLOLOL Muppetmom!!!!</p>

<p>Favorite ones to get: "I love [her college]"</p>

<p>One that made me laugh....after a series of texts describing how the window in her summer dorm was leaking during a thunderstorm, she was calling public saftey, they were coming to suck out the water, etc...this one at 1:30 am</p>

<p>"ps rain falling in a funnel/bucket sounds exactly like someone opening a door to come kill me"</p>

<p>She moved to another room shortly thereafter..... :rolleyes:</p>