Texts from Our Kids

<p>I remember a really funny thread about phrases you do NOT want to hear when your kid calls home from college (the ones that stuck with me were, "How do you get blood out of a parka?" and "What's dad's social security number? Cuz the hospital wants to know.") </p>

<p>So, I thought I'd see what memorable texts we parents are getting from our kids.</p>

<p>I was cleaning out my inbox and found a text from my D that seemed like it summarized my life as the parent of hs students:
D: "Can you meet me there with a check?"</p>

<p>I also got one from D last summer while she was on a date with her BF:
D: "Is poison ivy contagious?"
H responded: "YES"</p>

<p>I've also gotten 4 texts this summer from S's college. We had signed up for the Public Safety text alerts when S was a freshman. Apparently they don't turn them off when school isn't in session, so now I know that there have been 2 bear sightings on campus this summer. When last seen, the bear was near Zeta Psi and heading toward the river.</p>

<p>So, I just went through my text messages and had a good chuckle. Here's a couple of my favorites:</p>

<p>My son on his first day of driving: "i stopped to get a smoothie"</p>

<p>My other son when I asked about his curfew (which at the time I thought was 11:30: "ive been coming home at midnight for 2 months now" -- I guess I wasn't part of that conversation with his father.</p>

<p>Here's one I did not care for, from last semester: "At the health center. I should be fine but they're keeping me here on IV antibiotics, just in case."</p>

<p>And from my oldest d, who at 25 had never been to Nevada before: "Bad news, Mom. Moving to Vegas. Never coming back."</p>

<p>From middle d, who is a political animal, unlike anyone else in the house: "Guess who I just met? The chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts!" I tried to match her enthusiasm in my response. :)</p>

<p>My daughter taught her grandmother how to text. Son and cousins told her that was a bad idea. So the other day I got this from my son: "I got 6 texts from Grandma today. 3 of them were blank. I blame Sis." </p>

<p>Son works part-time at a stadium. He was taking tickets & ushering for the Taylor Swift/Justin Beiber concert. He sent this at 2:30 pm: "The gates don't open till 4 and the 12 year old girls are already lined up. Its kinda creepy."</p>

<p>Ah, gotta love Grandma. I still do that sometimes. Maybe more than sometimes. Woops. Confounded electronic devices ;)</p>

<p>^^^^Ha ha, I love that. Grandma out of control. Too funny.</p>

<p>S2 coming home from college freshman year on his first break. We had a 2 hr. drive. From the airport where he transfered to another flight "Drive fast."</p>

<p>This spring, one I didn't want to read. "Mono"</p>

<p>Oh, the Grandma texts are great! My kids laugh hysterically when they watch my husband text. He was a holdout for a while, but he's coming along nicely.</p>

<p>In Grandma's defense, she doesn't have a qwerty keyboard. She's texting using a number pad, and that's hard.</p>

<p>From my son who has never had a serious girlfriend "How do you spell elopement?"</p>

<p>The kids text to my email, so I just scanned through them. Best are from DS (19). Here's my (reverse order) trip down memory lane.</p>

<p>"I just bought a suit and new tie for 150. Do you think i got ripped off?" Shopping the LA Garment District.
"Went fine. They love me of course." Scholarship interview... self confidence never an issue with this kid. (Was awarded the scholarship)
"I didnt drink anything and im not going to. Dont worry." After being diagnosed with mono.
"Oh thats probably from fridays shnanigans. Not my fault or my beer. I had to drive people. But you can have them if you want." After my text calling him on the carpet after finding a few beer left in a case in his car trunk the week after the mono diagnosis.
But the best is from last summer when he took a wake boarding trip with friends and was a newly-minted lifeguard: "Saved a girl today. I feel cool." Kids were diving of the rocks at the river and this girl hit her head on the way down and went unconscious underwater.</p>

<p>Last night from my D</p>

<p>" My friend who knows all about the wilderness brought me wild mushrooms. Should I cook them? "</p>

<p>Fun thread, thank you.</p>

<p>My son calls me baby in his texts. What a funny boy.</p>

<p>This text is from my S who had a long layover in Germany before his study abroad trip this summer.</p>

<p>"Just got to Germany, gonna go drink now."</p>

<p>Nope, not legal to drink in the US. But legal in Germany!</p>

<p>When my son was leaving for a 12 hour (bus) school trip to Florida I asked him to please let me know when he got there so I would know he was safe. When he arrived I received the following text message: "'Here. Not dead."</p>

<p>4 kids, lots and lots of texts, none that don't contain the word need, money or have a $ sign.</p>

<p>I've posted this before, but it bears repeating. From my college aged son when I had asked him if he was going to be home for dinner. We live in the midwest:</p>

<p>"Doubt it. I'm in Las Vegas."</p>

<p>I texted D2 when she was left alone for the weekend, asking if she was lonely. Response: No. Bimbos and thugs will be here soon. With a keg.</p>

<p>S was working in Washington when the news story about a certain political figure was hitting all the tabloids: "John Edwards just seen in the Vineyard Vines store on Wisconsin with his family. Tote bags and ties to not make love children go away."</p>

<p>My daughter's best friend at college is a talker, which generally means that my daughter assumes the mantle of "the quiet one" when they're together. Right before graduation, she went to their favorite coffee shop without the friend, which led to this series of texts:</p>

<p>D: Am discovering that when I'm not with ***, I can be quite outgoing.</p>

<p>Me: But you've never really been shy; more like an extroverted introvert...</p>

<p>D: Yes, but tonight I've talked with four total strangers...and I met a man!</p>

<p>Me: More, please?</p>

<p>D: Let's just say that he's nice, respectful, and intelligent. And I have been scintillating.</p>

<p>I couldn't text anymore after that because I was laughing too hard.</p>