TFT Transfers - Must TFT be your first choice of major to be considered?

<p>Hey all,
The title says all. I'm just planning ahead for when I apply in the fall. The acceptance rate for TFT transfers is incredibly low, so I was thinking about making it my alternate choice.</p>

<p>Also, if I were to indicate TFT as my alternate major and, say, DMA as my first choice, would I have to submit supplemental materials for both? (For TFT I think it is a critical essay and a creative writing sample, and for DMA it is a portfolio of ~10 pieces. Doing both seems like much.)</p>

<p>If I remember correctly, you have to apply to TFT as your first major and NOT put an alternate major on the application. You must file the supplemental application in order to be eligible for admission consideration. It's kind of an all or nothing deal.</p>