Thank you for volunteering...

<p>I would like to thank all the posters who volunteer their valuable time and share their expertise by answering student, as well as parent, questions on CC. I have found the great majority of your input very helpful and informative.</p>

<p>huh, I hadn't really thought that the time spent here on CC could be called volunteering[ for me and many others, its more "paying it forward"], but you're right, it is! [ whatever can be used to justify this addiction is OK with me, lol!] Thanks!</p>

<p>It may be addicting, but there are definitely very generous posters who are, in my view, volunteering their time to help others on this site.</p>

<p>Agreed, Ohiomom- there are many very generous folks on here who have helped each other in many, many ways. A very wonderful community of posters.</p>

<p>I actually thought, reading the thread title, that this was going to be about the volunteer activities we have done in our personal lives, such as in our kids's schools, for non-profits, our professional organizations, religious institutions, etc. That would be wonderful to hear about and share. We might be able to give each other great ideas as to how to continue to pay it forward.</p>

<p>I would not be surprised to find that many of the posters who are so knowledgeable and informative have and may continue to volunteer in their local schools.</p>

<p>I had been volunteering in the schools, even after the D's graduated, but most of my volunteer time has been environmental related lately.</p>

<p>I was tutoring, but they are in such need of tutors, I was being given more than one kid at a time & was having difficulty managing that I felt. Often their needs were different & there would be conflicts that I didn't feel very suited to straightening out.
Plus when you aren't their mom * or * their teacher, I didn't feel right disciplining them.:(</p>

<p>I do still work with kids, we often have youth groups to come help on the restoration sites & I feel I am much better when I am able to give them something physical to do. ( & I know they are satisfied when they can see how much they've accomplished!)</p>

<p>You know, thinking about all the various ways I volunteered my time in the past made me realize I miss working with the little kids, you know, the kindergarten to about 4th grade. The majority at that age are still relatively innocent and haven't picked up on the sometimes-displayed attitude of the later years that learning isn't fun or cool. They are eager to learn and eager to show you what they've learned. </p>

<p>Or maybe this is just my way of complaining that my kids are waiting to long to find a boyfriend, get married and provide me with grandchildren!</p>

<p>But I miss the little ones!</p>

<p>This is the first August in 20 years that we haven't been in back to school mode in our household. Kind of weird.</p>